4 lb Colorado PayDirt Dredge Concentrate


4lb of Colorado PayDirt dredge concentrates! Hours of panning fun. Perfect for teaching others to pan.

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4 lbs of our Dredge concentrate, loaded with flour gold and even small pickers! This is shipped in our large 4 lbs bag. This bag is great for teaching others to pan for gold. Large enough for a group to enjoy or a weekend of fun.

*Dredge cons are concentrates that are obtained through the process of dredging. The use of a mechanical suction dredge removes material from the river bed with the aid of a diver(miner) and then moves the material up a suction hose into a sluice box (used to classify and collect possible values such as gold). The material moves across a series of capture chambers designed to catch gold and other heavy material. The unwanted lighter material travels out of the sluice box and back into the river. Concentrates are the result of many hours of mining, either by a suction dredge or a highbanker (a highbanker is a land based sluice box that is hand fed, shovel fed or by mechanical means). PayDirt Concentrates should contain more gold than you would find in a day out prospecting with a shovel and river sluice. Just like man, not all paydirt is created equally!

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