The real life story

One day I was out prospecting the Arapahoe bar on clear creek in Golden Colorado, it was a beautiful summer day, the sun was shining bright and a cool breeze whispered across the river. I was finding good color using my electric high banker. An older gentleman wearing cargo shorts and a kaki fly fishing shirt with a dolly in tow stopped and began to chat with me about prospecting. He was an experienced prospector and told me wild tails of his days working clear creek in the early 1980’s. alas time had not been too good to him and he can no longer prospect in the same manor that he used to. The gentleman explained to me that he was out today in hopes of finding a prospector much like myself that would be willing to fill his 5-gallon bucket with gold bearing ground from the river, he offered to pay me for my efforts. I kindly refused his payment and began to classify and fill his bucket from the very hole I was working. He thanked me and we chatted for a while longer until we said our goodbyes. Later that night at my home panning out the cons I had collected I wondered how long I would have in my life to prospect. That is how Colorado PayDirt was born, I want to share my experiences and adventures with fellow prospectors young and old so that one day when I am no longer able to experience the thrills of working a claim or hiking deep into the forest in hopes of seeing a glimmer of color in my pan, just maybe there will be a young prospector willing to fill my 5-gallon bucket with Colorado PayDirt so I can once again see color in my pan.